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Our Major Services


Premium quality low sulphur automotive diesel fuel for high speed diesel powered engines generator sets and their industrial applications which ensure high grade performance levels. Provides adquete lubrication of fuel pump and injectors and maximum corrosion protection

Meter calibration & Laboratory test

We have got complete laboratory test report and meter calibration certificate of our diesel . tested by state of the Dubai, UAE Our customers satisfaction is our pride and success of years. We supply diesel through diesel supply meter scale.

Transportation services

Equipped with a fleet of road tankers, we under take the bulk overland transportation of diesel fuel for various constructions sites in UAE on contract basis road tankers are available on hire on long terms as well as trip basis

We have highly qualified are trained staff and diesel supply personnel. They are well awre and equipped with safety measures supply a donc diesel on call at the required place within on ehour.

Our driving staff is very much familiar with a the location of roads of dubai and northern emirates

Diesel generator and storage tanks

We supply diesel for the usage of generators at different construction sites we supply diesel in abu dhabi, dubai sharjah and ajman. Diesel is used for building construction machinery and road construction machinery

Our skilled staff confident supplies diesel and outside of buildings factories and warehouses.

Storage tanks

We have standard tanksers for storage specially made for all petroleum products from 5 M/tons to 45M/tons. We have also standers transport steel drums, in any quantity that our customers required

With our professional and dedicated customer services products, you can be assured of prompt and efficient services.

We look forward to an opportunity in providing your needs for diesel for generators construction machinery and heavy transport vehicles requirements if there any and in demonstration our abilities.

Diesel Supplying Construction Sites

Following are some image of construction sites where we are supplying Adnoc diesel for generator.

Our other Services

  • Our Yard/Loading Area: We make sure that the deliveries are loaded on time, assuring you quick service.
  • Our Storage Tanks: we have storage capacity that can meet your requirements up to 100,00 I/G for Diesel. From Bulk to retail order, we are ready for a prompt delivery always on time.
  • We are diesel distributor whole sale & retail for 10 years covering most of the marketing like shopping. Companies, manufacturing companies, industries, factories Contracting companies, transport companies and many more for all their diesel product needs.
  • We sell, purchase, distribute and trade from bulk to retail quantity in all emirates. Our large fleet of road tankers is always ready to deliver your requirement always right on time.
  • Loading Drums & Containers
  • Bunkering for storage
  • There is 24 hour sale service. We provide the best quality and service to the clients. Different capacity of trucks 1000 Gallon, 1500 Gallon, 2000 gallon, all of these are Imperial Gallon.